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Group Managing Director, Susie Pascoe, features on the Crushing it in Construction podcast

April 2022

Our Groups Managing Director, Susie Pascoe, was recently featured on the Crushing it in Construction podcast with Jordan Skinner.

In the episode, Susie shares her journey, how she got into the industry, and some of the challenges they had to overcome along the way.

Highlights from the podcast:

JS: Could you tell us who you are and what it is you do?

SP: I’m the Group Managing Director of an integrated rail business; Sterling Infrastructure, ActivateRail and GoTrain Industry. We deal in rail infrastructure and renewal. So, Sterling does inspections, design and construction of aged infrastructure, particularly rail. ActivateRail looks after project management, project support and labour hire into the rail project sector and GoTrain is a registered training organisation training people in all of the facets of rail, so whether that’s safeworking or project management or construction.

JS: One thing I picked up from you is even though it maybe wasn’t something you started out to do, you’re very passionate about rail which is awesome to see and I’m sure that’s going to rub off on the people you employ. What do you think?

SP: Absolutely. We hire people who are passionate about what they do, and they love it, and they will work hard, and they play hard. We have a really good environment. Our ActivateRail business is full of guys who just love rail. Our engineers get enthusiastic. Some of them come in thinking, particularly our graduates, thinking I want to design the next brand new sexy concrete bridge or the on-ramp of a road bridge. And after they’ve stuck with us for a couple of years, they realise that actually there’s so much fun in taking an old bridge and working it out, it’s like renovating a beautiful old house. Rather than building a brand new one. It’s got character, it’s got history and emotion and you’re dealing with something where the regional town loves that bridge, they love that station. And rail does that to people, it makes you really emotional. You don’t get a lot of road spotters, but you get a lot of train spotters.

To hear the full podcast head to one of the below links.

Apple: https://apple.co/39i16EI

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3KdHOx6

Website: https://bit.ly/3EPFafJ

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