Course Information

Training Plan


All qualifications units follow a similar Training Format, however the time required to completing the training and assessments for each unit can vary greatly depending on your prior experiences, and the format of your course.

As most students into these qualifications are already working within the industry, we offer a range of classes for RPL and Assessment-only pathways. If you are experienced in the Industry already, you should review the specific RPL and Assessment-only options for your chosen qualification carefully before you consider enrolling in the full course (Training and Assessment) option. For more information on the RPL process please click here

Specific details for each qualification are listed on each qualifications information pages and you should consult these pages carefully before you enrol in any course.


Generally, to enrol in and complete all full course qualification, you will follow the same format, which is outlined briefly here:

Download and complete the Enrolment Form provided on the individual course page Email your enrolment form and certified documentation to

One of our friendly team will contact you to place you in the next available course. You can pay for the course either in advance or in person on the first day of training.

Your training will begin with an introduction to the qualification and an overview of what units and content will be covered.

Depending on the level of your qualification there will be any number of between 11 to 21 units, provided over several days

You will work your way through each unit one-by-one, and will complete as you progress, a Classroom/Theoretical training session which includes a range of interactive learning activities to self-test your knowledge and understanding of the content.

At the end of each Unit you will generally be required to undertake 2 Assessments:

Written Assessment comprised of Multiple-choice and Short-answer questions
Practical Assessment comprised of Skills Demonstration tasks and activities that will take place in either our simulated Rail environment, in your workplace or in an actual rail environment

Once you have completed all of the Units in the Qualification you will be awarded a Testamur Certificate and/or a Statement of Attainment Certificate for any individual units completed.

Entry Criteria, Equipment & Resources

Entry Criteria for all units and qualifications in the TLI training package:

It is important that you are physically fit and have sufficient visual and audio capacity prior to participation in work in and around the rail environment. You therefore must have no physical or medical condition that would affect your ability to work freely in the rail corridor.

Resources you will need to provide:

  • A pen and a notebook
  • Hi-Visibility vest or clothing including sturdy work shoes or boots (steel capped boots are preferable)
  • Appropriate clothing or uniform for training outside such as a hat and long pants
  • Track Safety Awareness certification/ ID card
  • All other equipment items and PPE will be provided by Go-Train Industry
  • Academic Entry Requirements
  • All students are expected to possess English language and literacy skills equivalent to a Yr 10 high school education. There are no age limitations for entry into Track Safety Awareness qualifications, but they are not generally issued to persons under 16 years of age

Note: All students will need to successfully complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test prior to the commencement of their course.

Track Safety Awareness: TLIF0020 Safely Access the Rail Corridor

Whilst no formal prerequisites exist for a person to undertake this training, it is a mandatory industry requirement that all persons accessing a rail corridor must hold the above unit of competency.
An essential element for a person obtaining this unit of competency is an industry recognised medical category 1, 2 or 3 with a negative drug screen meeting industry guidelines.

Medical Requirements

Be aware that rail ops and safety critical rail work will require you to have a rail medical, from an approved medical provider.
Basically Category 1 for train crew; and Category 3 for maintenance and rail corridor general access.
All work sites will also require you to hold a Construction Industry White Card and a RIW card.


To enrol in Training and Assessment for any of our units or qualifications, follow these procedures:

  • Navigate to your chosen Course page
  • Read all of the information on the page and also the pre – training information
  • Contact our Office in Tuggerah and obtain a price for the selected course of study and an enrolment form
  • Collect certified copies of your Identification, and scan them to your computer
  • Email to
    • The Enrolment form
    • The certified copies of your Identification

If your paperwork is in order we shall send you an invoice for immediate payment via credit card, direct credit or cheque.

Once payment is received we will advise you of when the next Course is beginning and what will be required to get started. Enjoy!