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Rail Bound Plant Operator – National


This course consists of 5 units that will enable you to operate road/rail vehicles on track in accordance with safeworking and regulatory requirements, and workplace procedures. It will teach you the skills and knowledge required to safely access the rail track to run a track vehicle within a defined worksite on a rail network during rail work activities. It includes performing pre-operational and post-operational checks, on tracking and off tracking vehicles, operating equipment, and completing required documentation. It encompasses the operation of road/rail on-track vehicles, however, further training may be required depending on the machine specific competency or license relevant to operations and/or state based requirements, as per the National Plant Matrix on RIW.

The units delivered in this program are:

  • TLIC3045 Operate road/rail vehicle
  • TLIC2058 Travel medium or heavy self-propelled on track equipment
  • TLIC2054 Access rail track to run track vehicle within defined worksite
  • TLIC0010 Propel and operate light on-track equipment
  • TLIF2097 Use audible track warning devices

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this course at the time of publication.

Does this course have Entry Requirements?

Yes, please download the Course Information to check prerequisites.

How much does it cost?

Please contact our office for current pricing.

How long does it take?

This course is conducted over 2 days plus 4 hour assessment on completion of on-the-job Logbooks.

How to book to attend?

Please call the Tuggerah office on 1300 698 158 to confirm your eligibility and book to attend the Rail Bound Plant Operator course.

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  • read and understood the Terms and Conditions of enrolment as detailed in the Student Handbook
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