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What is WET training?

Working in the Electrified Territory (WET)

In 2018, Queensland Rail introduced the requirement for all workers to complete mandatory training in ‘Working in the Electrified Territory (WET)’. This course is in addition to Safely Access the Rail Corridor (SARC), part of their induction process for working in the Queensland Rail corridor.

Learners will gain knowledge of the risks and safety rules that apply when working in the electrified territory.

How much does WET training cost?

The course cost for initial certification is $160 per person.

The course cost for re-certification is $110 per person.

How long does WET training take?

This course is conducted over one day from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm

When is the next WET training?

We run WET training every week in our Salisbury office. Click to load more of our upcoming classes, view this month’s schedule and make your booking now.

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