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Certificate II in Rail Track Vehicle Driving (TLI27221)



This is a general qualification for a person driving a medium/heavy rail track vehicle from one location to another over main line track. It involves a broad range of skilled applications in a wide variety of contexts, which may involve application of some discretion and judgement in selecting equipment, services or contingency measures. It may also include responsibility for coordinating the work of others.

This course contains 9 core units of competency that all students need to undertake,
they are:

  • TLIC0016 Identify and respond to signals and trackside signs
  • TLIC2075 Drive and monitor medium/heavy self-propelled on-track equipment
  • TLIC2076 Establish and operate braking system on medium/heavy self-propelled on-track equipment
  • TLIC2080 Start up, shut down and stable medium/heavy self-propelled on-track equipment
  • TLIE1003 Participate in basic workplace communication
  • TLIF0020 Safely access the rail corridor
  • TLIF0025 Follow work health and safety procedures
  • TLIF2010 Apply fatigue management strategies
  • TLIF2106 Respond to emergencies and abnormal situations when driving medium/heavy on-track vehicles
  • TLIU2008 Apply environmental procedures to rail infrastructure
  • TLIW0007 Operate under track protection rules

Following the core units you need to choose 6 general electives. We currently offer the following units:

  • TLIB0012 Maintain and use hand tools
  • TLIB1093 Clean equipment and restore worksite
  • TLIB2001 Check and assess operational capabilities of equipment
  • TLIB2091 Measure and record track geometry
  • TLIB2130 Diagnose and rectify minor faults on on-track vehicles
  • TLIB2085 Apply track fundamentals
  • TLIC0083 Access rail track vehicle under a proceed authority
  • TLIC2054 Access rail track to run track vehicle within defined worksite
  • TLID0020 Shift materials safely using manual handling methods
  • TLIF0008 Apply safety critical communications in the rail environment

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this course at the time of publication.

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How long does it take?

This course will take you 390 – 465 hours to complete including on the job experience.

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