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Are you prepared for Christmas?

Check your expiry dates before its too late.

Christmas is coming soon – and so are the last weeks in which you can complete your all important recertifications.

You don’t want to get caught out before starting a job on the rail, so check your RIW card information now and make sure your competencies won’t expire during the holiday break.

What competencies expire and when?

To find specific information about when your competencies expire, you should check your RIW card account and the competency matrix for the Rail Network Provider that you do work with. As a general guide, competencies may expire after two – three years, and an RIW card expires after five years.

What recertification courses does Go-Train deliver?

Go-Train offer recertification for all courses where required. We also offer a discounted price on our courses if you are completing them for recertification.

When do Go-Train close for Christmas break?

Our Tuggerah and Salisbury offices close for the Christmas period on Friday 18th December and open for the new year on Monday 4th January. During this time you will not be able to complete any training and no certificates will be issued.

How do I find out more?

Give our office a call on 02 4355 4595 to discuss your recertifications, or book online now to get in – before we’re hitting the beach for an overdue holiday break.

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