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We can help you with you internal training and assessment of staff.  We can develop and produce training and assessment material customised to your worksite

With our knowledge of the rail industry we are able to work with you to incorporate your local operating procedures into training and assessment material.  As part of our process we conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to review your learning and development needs.

We consider the knowledge, skill and behaviours that people need and work out how to develop them effectively, in order to deliver appropriate and effective training which would meet the needs of individuals and your worksite.

How it works

Basis of Partnerships
Under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF), we are approved to establish partnerships with other RTO’s, to offer a broad range of training and assessment services.

The basis of any partnership we have, will aim to:

  • Increase people’s access to nationally recognised qualifications
  • Ensure all of our national training and assessment arrangements meet industry requirements
  • Facilitate the efficient use of training and assessment resources
  • Promote the exchange of ideas, information and resources between different groups in the national vocational education and training (VET) system.
  • Promote the e-learning industry and support the development of software, tools and resources that enhance the delivery of online training platforms.

We see that establishing a partnership arrangement provides us with an opportunity to share skills, effort and resources for mutual benefit, thus reducing costs by achieving economies of scale. We enter any Training Partnership with a can-do attitude coupled with the resources and infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of learners in the 21st century.


Entering into a Training Partnership with Go Train will provide you with:

  • Access to our learning management system
  • Access to industry trainers
  • Access to our existing course bank of online and face-to-face units
  • Access to our experience and services as an established and well regarded training organisation
  • The ability to prepare and provide training materials customised to suit your specific needs

Any organisation or individual may enter into an agreement with Go Train to deliver training or assessment services. Our Partner Organisations can provide these services either in conjunction with us, or on behalf of us.


When a non-registered organisation or individual partners with Go Train, the partnership must adopt the following procedures. These conditions are what is required under legislation and which need to be understood by any potential Partner:

  • The training candidate needs to be enrolled with Go Train, not the Partner Organisation.
  • Training and assessment records must be kept by Go Train
  • Go Train remains responsible for compliance with the AQTF.
  • Go Train issues the Qualification, Statement of Attainment, or Certificate of Completion.
  • It is Go Train’s responsibility to ensure the training and assessment records are securely.

Use our LMS

We use the LMS for our RTO.

  • In-built AQTF compliance procedures, such as:
    • AVETMISS-standard enrolment forms
    • Online Language Literacy & Numeracy test
    • Link to NCVER National Council for Vocational Education Research Online Survey System
  • Online printing of Statements Of Attainment Certificates which are embedded with a unique ID number automatically allocated to the student and can be validated for authenticity online by an employer
  • Ability to host any course, from any Training Package in either a Liner or an unrestrained delivery format. You can either access our online training resources from our CourseBank or you can provide your own.
  • Choice of a wide range of assessment tools and learning styles to allow the format to cater for different learner groups.
  • No software to download or install on any computer.
  • No programming or customisation for you to do
  • Online credit card payment gateway

Importantly the GoTrain LMS is tried, tested and proven! It Works.

Types of partnerships

Typically there are 5 Partnership Types we engage in. We will entertain any other type of proposal, as long as it meets with the Procedures outlined in this section.

Client services for Industry Bodies & Regulators.

These types of Training Partnerships occur when an organisation is legally required to, or see an opportunity to provide training to employees and their clients. These organisations do not have the resources or the inclination to become an RTO, but need the course(s) they wish to provide to be managed by an RTO, with an RTO Certificate issued upon completion.

Typically these organisations have access to their own Training and Assessment Courseware. In these arrangements Go Train works closely with the organisation to develop the resources, and prepare them for either or both; web and classroom-based delivery.

Individuals & Publishers – professional development providers

Have you written a short course that you would like to deliver online?

Across all industries there is now a requirement that all employees engage in some sort of formal Professional Development training on a periodic basis to maintain the currency of their Qualification.

Our Professional Development Faculty delivers courses that provide learners with Professional Development or Continuation Education Credit Points. We will work with Individuals or Publishers to help get your Courseware endorsed with a Registering Body and in a suitable e-learning format.

Pre-employment and pre-vocational training

Job Services Providerscan enrol their clients in either our accredited or non-accredited units and courses, to provide skills training as part of the students Employment Pathways scheme.

Online Induction training for employees.

We are able to host your own induction programs, or design one for you. Your employees will benefit from having access to the LMS from any computer with a web browser, they will receive a certificate on completion and you will have a permanent record of their participation to satisfy your national OH&S obligations.

Online induction for contractors.

Save time and money. Have contractors undertake your induction training before they get to your site. They complete the training in THEIR time, arrive with a Statement of Induction completion which they give to your security staff; they go straight on site, straight to work; and are not charging you for the time they take to induct.


The costs of a Training Partnerships with Go Train are assessed on an individual basis, and are determined after consultation with you, and taking into account other factors such as:

  • Your expected number of students.
  • If you require the use of our training resources, or will you provide your own Courseware
  • if you are requiring online delivery, will we have to adapt your re this sources for this medium
  • If your Courseware requires mapping, development or improvement
  • If you are an RTO, an non-accredited organisation or an individual
  • If you need us to write or source the CourseWare for you
  • What type of Certificate or Testamur is awarded

All Partnership arrangements will attract an initial Sign-up fee and a Sub-domain development fee to cover the costs of integrating your website to the LMS. Ongoing fees on a per-student or per-unit basis and also levied, as well as for the establishment of a bank Payment Gateway function.

The final choice of package is yours based upon your expected turnover and usage, and how much time or skill you can devote to the Partnership.

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