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NSW Systems of Safeworking Certification (TLIF3058)



This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to apply applicable safeworking rules and regulations to rail functions carried out on rail networks. It includes the correct use of communication protocols; interpreting and responding to radio, hand signal and light commands; interpreting and following relevant safeworking rules and protocols; and taking appropriate action in the event of safety incidents, unsafe situations or emergencies. Licensing or certification requirements are not applicable to this unit.

Work involves the application of the relevant principles, protocols, rules and requirements of the legislated rail safety requirements including acts and regulations from each applicable state and territory together with any nationally approved compliance codes and/or guidelines to the work activities of the rail occupation concerned.

Work is performed under established procedures, with accountability and responsibility for self and others in achieving the prescribed outcomes within the limits of responsibility of the worker concerned.


Testamur awarded in TLIF3058 – Apply safeworking rules and regulations to rail functions & NSW Rail Industry Safety Induction Card


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A Category 1 Medical on a Transport for NSW approved form.

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