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Last chance for certificates in 2020

We close at 12pm on 18th Dec for Christmas break.

Don’t get stuck without your certificate over the Christmas period.

While most of Australia have wound down for the holiday season, the railways don’t stop running. Whether you have outstanding online training to complete or those all-important safety induction certifications to update – you definitely don’t want to be left stranded at the rail corridor without the right quals to get to work. 

Make sure you finish all of your online training requirements and check your RIW card for certification expiry dates before it is too late. 

When do Go-Train close for Christmas break?

Our Tuggerah and Salisbury offices close for the Christmas period on Friday 18th December and open for the new year on Monday 4th January. During this time you will not be able to complete any in-person training and no certificates will be issued.

When is the final date for certificates to be issued?

The best thing you can plan to do is to NOT leave it to the last minute. Certificates will not be issued after 12 pm ESDT on Friday 18th December. 

What about certificates for online training?

Online course completion must occur before 9am on 18th December to give us enough time to verify your completion and issue your certificate before the cut off time.

What about support for online training during the Christmas break?

You will be able to receive our usual enrolment and support services for online training during the Christmas break, however no certificates can be issued until the office reopens on 4th January. 

How can I find out more?

Give our office a call on 02 4355 4595 to discuss, or send us an email via enquiries@gotrain.com.au with your questions.

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