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Viruses aren’t welcome here

Protection is not optional in our training centres.

It’s been seven months since Scott Morrison declared the corona-virus as a pandemic and our country went into its first lockdown. A lot has changed since then, and in many parts of Australia, life feels pretty close to normal, however, in the Go-Train training centres, we haven’t forgotten how important it is to remain vigilant to the safety risks of COVID-19. 

Over the last week, Go-Train did a review of our pandemic prevention measures to make sure our processes were continuing to lock the virus out.

NSW Office Manager, Hannah Farrugia, keeps a watchful eye on compliance at our Tuggerah office, which begins with enrolment. NSW class sizes continue to be limited to nine, enabling safe distance between students at their desks and from the trainer. She monitors the welcome station at the front of our training centre, where all people entering have their temperature checked and complete the COVID-19 checklist to declare their health status.

Enforcing regular hand sanitiser and completing frequent room cleans are all part of the new habits adopted by our Trainers.  Hand sanitiser is on pump and at the ready for students to use on the way in and out of every room, making break times a time for rest, recovery and re-sanitising before getting stuck back into the hard work.

Qld Office Receptionist, Andrew McShane, has put in the effort to make it easy for our students and trainers to remember the importance of preventing infection. She has decorated the entrance to all training rooms, break areas and bathrooms with signs reminding everyone to keep up with prevention methods and stay safe. The larger training spaces in Salisbury allow for ten students at a safe distance and with a focus on rail inductions, our Qld team is keeping students safe when training and when they head our into the rail network.

So while COVID-19 continues to prevent a return to complete normality, at least students can rest assured that their Rail Industry training and career aspirations can continue to move forward at the Go-Train training centres. 


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