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Turnout Construction course

This course consists of 5 units that progress existing Track Certifiers into the Turnout Constructor role, as per the Rail Industry Worker – Track & Civil matrix.

Ultrasonic Testing course

This course involves testing plain rail and field welds using ultrasonic equipment in accordance with rail industry standards, safeworking and regulatory requirements, and workplace procedures.

Queensland Rail Re-Certification

Queensland Rail requires all holders of the following qualifications to have their qualifications re-certified every three (3) years.

Train Examination

These courses cover the safeworking systems applicable in each state, and are essential for all train operations, hand signaller and track protection personnel.

Engine and Air Course

This course is designed to give individuals knowledge of contemporary diesel locomotive components features and braking systems.

ARTC NSW Protection Officer – Levels 1 to 4

These training courses are designed for persons seeking to gain certification as a Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 Protection Officer respectively. Training and assessment for each course is provided over approximately 1-3 days. You must have…

Rail Bound Plant Operator – National

This course consists of 4 units that will enable you to operate road/rail vehicles on track in accordance with safeworking and regulatory requirements, and workplace…

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