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At Go Train Industry, safety is our #1 priority

Safety in the Rail Industry is at the heart of everything we do at Go Train Industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sharply focused our attention on what really matters and the impact we can have on safeguarding the health and safety of our customers, our students and our team. We’re building solutions not just for now but for the long-term future of the rail industry in Australia.

Go Train Industry is transforming the way we train Rail Workers, so that the companies and students we work with can keep their safety on track.

We now offer selected training through live online workshops to maintain the personalised experience that is fundamental to quality training in our industry. We’re working hard to continue our rapid turn-around of assessments and certifications to get workers back in the field quickly.

Additionally, we are expanding the range of training and assessment options for many of our popular courses. We can work with employers to find solutions that work for their team members, from self-paced training and video conferencing to digital logbooks and online recognition of prior learning options.

While it’s important to physically distance ourselves from students, we aim to preserve how closely we care about the quality of education that Go Train can offer the Rail Industry.


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