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Workplace Training


Workplace Training

Course Overview

At some stage in your life you have probably known someone who could do something better than you. Whether it is hitting a golf ball, driving a car or learning a maths solution, we all have different skills and abilities. This can be due to experience, practice or natural ability.

In the workplace, each person needs certain skills and abilities to perform their job acceptably. In cases where these skills fall below an acceptable standard, ‘coaching’ is often used to bridge the gap. Coaching is a style of learning in which a more experienced person guides and directs someone less experienced through a skill or practice. It can apply to coaching a baseball team or demonstrating the art of making a café latte.

Many coaching or instructing techniques involve common sense but some are more complicated than others. There is a science to repetition and reinforcement, and this course will focus on how coaching best occurs in the workplace.

What type of certificate will I receive?

Graduates of our Short Courses will at the conclusion of their program receive a Certificate of Completion. You could use this Certificate to prove to a potential or current employer that you have successfully participated in an online training course, offered by an RTO.

Australian students: If you require a Statement of Attainment certificate for employment in your industry, or for use in a Higher AQF Qualification, you will need to enrol in an ‘accredited’ Nationally Recognised Training unit.

You can study the accredited versions of some our short courses online with us – so please check the course’s information page for more details if this applies to you.

How do I print my Certificate?

To protect the integrity of your Certificate, it will be protected by a unique ID number allocated only to you. This number is recorded against your Profile, and if you choose to upload a Photo of yourself into your Profile, it will protect your certificate from duplication and fraudulent use.

Course Outline

This course has 3 chapters, in which you will learn how to:

  • Prepare for on-the-job coaching
  • Coach colleagues on the job
  • Follow-up and re-enforce your coaching.

You will progress at your own speed, page-by-page through the course listening, reading and watching the training material. Along the way you will be invited to participate in a range of self-tests and interactive, problem-solving activities. At the end of each chapter, our computer will test your understanding of the content via 20 multiple-choice questions. These 20 questions are distributed evenly across each of the 2 chapters, and you will need to answer each question correctly to move forward to the next chapter of the course.

Why Should I study this Course?

This course will provide you with the skills required to provide on-the-job coaching to colleagues for the situation as in many workplaces, where buddy systems and on-the-job coaching are extremely common.

This course is designed for experienced mid level and senior operational staff working autonomously under the broad guidance of others.

This course ideal training for those:

  • Venue supervisors and senior Chefs and Cooks in all food service establishments who need to understand how to train and coach their staff on the job.
  • Who are already working within the Hospitality or Service Industries and wish to improve their skills and/or meet their Professional Development obligations.
  • That that are not involved with the Service Industries at all, but just want to know to coach and train people in skills for the workplace


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Quick Facts

  • Price – $89.95
  • Duration – 4-5 Hours
  • Free Learner Guide
  • Fun & Interactive
  • Certificate of Completion (Print Online)
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Workplace Training


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