You can’t become one of the Australia’s preferred Rail Training providers without loving trains, we know this! All of us at GoTrain understand that locomotives are the perfect addition to any movie’s storyline.

Check out GoTrain Industry’s list of our favourite movies starring trains:

  1. Murder on the Orient Express, 1974
  2. Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot investigate a host of suspicious characters all on board the iconic train.

  3. The Train Robbers, 1973
  4. Westerns and trains go together like horse and carriage. John Wayne helps a damsel in distress get back money her late husband stole onboard a train. Great fun!

  5. Planes, Trains and Automobiles, 1987
  6. John Candy and Steve Martin play two strangers turned odd-couple using every form of transport available to them to get home for Thanksgiving. Hilarious.

  7. The Polar Express, 2004
  8. This beautiful film starring Tom Hanks features a magical train taking children to see Santa Claus. The incredible animation makes the train have its own personality.

  9. From Russia with Love, 1963
  10. James Bond, Sean Connery and an exciting battle on a train – what’s not to love?!

And while we know trams aren’t the same as trains, we had to include this home-grown classic:

MALCOLM, 1986.
If you haven’t seen this Australian cult film, we strongly recommend you stop what you’re doing and go to the nearest DVD store immediately. Malcolm is socially awkward and shy, but a mechanical genius who is obsessed with trams. Bud Tingwell, John Hargreavers and Colin Friels make this Aussie gem great to watch!