One of the features we are particularly proud of at our Tuggerah training facility is our Simulated Rail Corridor. Our National Rail Training Manager Phill Long tells us about it:

“The rail corridor simulation was put into place at Tuggerah to demonstrate to students what a live rail environment looks like. The simulation is made up of two authentic railway tracks built with ballast surrounding, and a large mural on the wall behind extending those tracks and showing Sydney city in the background.

This enables us to educate and assess students on which track is the up line and down line, as well as being able to identify some features around the rail network including safe areas and danger zones.

The mural was hand painted by a local artist especially for GoTrain Industry.

We use the simulated rail corridor in many of the rail infrastructure courses we teach in Tuggerah, as it provides hands on experience without gaining track access. It gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge indoors.”