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FNSBKG404A Carry out business activity and instalment activity statement tasks

This unit will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to process business taxation requirements related to Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Instalment Activity Statements (IAS), including the completion of Activity Statements.

This unit has application to a variety of financial services sectors. It is applicable to individuals working within enterprises and job roles subject to licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements, including various aspects of taxation law (including but not limited to the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, and the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997), other relevant legislation and Goods and Services Tax (GST) rulings.

This online unit is designed specifically for individuals who are responsible for providing business activity statement (BAS) services and related bookkeeping tasks across all industries and who are working directly for organisations or are small business owners, contractors or service providers.

Tax Practitioners Board.
The Tax Practitioner's Board (TPB) administers specific educational and experience requirements for registration of BAS Agents and sets specific assessment requirements that must be met.

This unit is designed to satisfy these requirements if undertaken as part of the Approved Course Program which includes the FNSBKG405A unit and/or an online invigilated Challenge Test - administered by the Tax Institute. This satisfies the TPB requirement that: 'at least 40% of assessment is achieved through an independently supervised test/exam'.

Click here for the Approved Course

If you are attempting this unit, for example as part of a Traineeship or a FNS10 Qualification, and you are not seeking registration as a Registered TPB Agent then you do not need to participate in the Approved Course. It is expected that in these cases you will attempt the Exam in your workplace under the direction of your Tutor, Supervisor or Team Leader.

Online Training Content

Your online training is delivered over 6 chapters, where you will learn how to:

  1. Identify individual compliance and other requirements
  2. Recognise and apply GST implications and code transactions
  3. Report on payroll activities
  4. Report on other amounts withheld, Pay As You Go (PAYG) instalments and taxes
  5. Complete and reconcile the Activity Statement
  6. Lodge Activity Statement

Graduates of this course will have a greater knowledge of:

  • Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements, including meeting of deadlines in relation to Activity Statements
  • Current statutory, legislation and regulatory requirements related to the preparation of Activity Statements
  • Accounting terminology in order to understand and maintain knowledge of statutory, legislative, regulatory and other requirements
  • GST terminology, classifications, regulations and obligations
  • Characteristics of software necessary for research or to record information electronically
  • TPB requirements in relation to registration as a BAS agent
  • The obligations of a BAS agent under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA 2009), including the Code of Professional Conduct and the Civil Penalty provisions

Passing This Course

Our online FNSBKG404A course assesses your competence using two assessment methods.

  1. Short-Answer activities

This unit has 30 activities, projects and tasks. The Activities are grouped by Sections that mirror the 6 Sections of the e-Learning Support Materials. Your tasks and activities are completed online, as you progress page-by-page through the different sections of the course.

The 30 Activities are a mix of: short-answer calculations; short-answer comments and opinions; and short-answer case study scenarios. All tasks require you to research your answers from: the e-Learning Support Materials; the internet; from your workplace; and from your experience.

  1. Exam Worksheet.

This unit has 1 Practical Exam task requiring you to perform the BAS for a fictitious business enterprise.  

When you enter the Exam you will be provided with a link to a secure downloadable file that contains:

  • MYOB 'Student Edition' of AccountRight Plus v19.
  • MYOB Accounting data file of the enterprise
  • An interactive PDF question and answer Worksheet template

The Worksheet is designed so that you type your answers to the questions and activities whilst simultaneously generating Reports using the MYOB software.

What qualification will I be awarded?

Successful graduates of this unit will receive a downloadable Statement of Attainment certificate. The Statement of Attainment you will receive can be used for either or both academic and employment purposes in Australia.

To protect the integrity of the Statement of Attainment Certificate you will receive, and the NRT logo on it, each certificate is protected by a unique ID number allocated only to you. This number is recorded against your profile and the Photo ID you will upload when you enrol. This protects the certificate from duplication and fraudulent use.

Employers and other education provider's who may need to, can check the authenticity of your Statement of Attainment certificate by accessing the 'Validate Certificate' link on this website. They will be able to verify your qualification against our records.

Nationally Recognised Training

Quick Facts FNSBKG404A

  • Price – $ 375
  • Duration – 10 – 40 Hours
  • Delivery Mode – 100% Online
  • Certificate Awarded – Statement of Attainment (Print Online)
  • Designed for – Bookkeepers, aspiring Bookkeepers and small business
  • Support –


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