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Who is GoTrain Industry?

Established in 1999, we have operated as a Registered Training Organisation delivering innovative online e-learning products and services. We host this online presence on our own Servers, and have provided accredited online training to over 150,000 domestic and international students, across multiple industries and sectors.

We are a company dedicated to the Vocational and Training industry, its clients, employees and students. We produce innovative, interesting and informative e-learning and face to face delivery courses that empower our students to learn in environments, and at times, that best suit their lifestyles.

We work closely with the Rail, Boiler and English Language Industries. We also liaise with Government regulatory bodies, Publishers, Animators and Academics to provide a truly unique Australian learning product. We offer over 20 different courses and units to choose from across our industry sectors.

In addition to our retail units and courses, we offer Wholesale and Training Partnerships, including Auspicing Arrangements, to any organisation or individual that requires the services of an RTO and/or which requires an internally operated Learning Management System (LMS).

About GoTrain Industry

We aim to deliver the most comprehensive and technologically advanced skills training in a format that is easily accessible, flexible, user-friendly and inexpensive to the end user, featuring linear and structured training and assessment strategies, designed to empower our students.
We provide access to world-class training to those that suffer from the tyranny of distance, are in rural areas, or suffering or affected by a learning or physical disability.

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